Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Skylar weeks 1-3

week 1
dark brown hair
super soft silky hair
Deep, dark blue eyes
pees when she gets her diaper changed
dry baby skin
very mellow baby-mostly just happy awake, nursing or sleeping
sleeps a lot
cord fell off at 7 days
able to hold head up when born
spits up less than other kids
only lost 2 oz off birth weight at her low weight point
only wakes up once or twice during the night to nurse-nurses on one side, awake short time, then nurses other side to sleep

week 2
starting to explore tounge
pulls off and on breast repeatedly and fusses to get milk to let down
figured out she can make stuff happen by crying
makes circles with arms
lost red, wrinkly new born look
turns head from side to side on stomach
loves to be patted
holds body straight when held up in air on stomach
doesn't mind baths
prefers kids music
nurses once or twice during but only nurses one side and goes straight to sleep
able to lift head on stomach
turns head from side to side on stomach
going cross eyed less
awake for longer stretches
stopped peeing when she gets her diaper changed
nurses one side at a time
nurses efficiently for only 5-10 min
get hiccups almost every time she nurses
grunts when she stretches, wakes up, etc

week 3
brings hands to mouth
fully uncurled
already gained over a pound over her birth weight
hates to have wet diapers
handles the let down well while nursing
hates to have hat over eyes
sucks on hands, but not thumb or fingers
never got baby acne
does fine in the car as long as it's moving
loves to be in the carrier or sling
able to latch herself on fairly well
weighs 7 lb 10 oz
squeaks when she has the hiccups or nurses during let down

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