Friday, June 11, 2010

Reading Time Was A Serious Success

With Ryder's amazing growth in reading since he started a month ago, I've been wanting to institute family reading time. The kids often go to their room and read books to themselves, but I wanted to set a time for the whole family to sit down and read to themselves together. Since it was our first go and I was making it a mandatory activity, I figured we would start with 15 min and eventually work up to 30 min. Well, to say that the first reading time was a success is a serious understatement. When the timer ran after 15 min, the kids both complained, "But we're not done reading yet!" And they said the same thing when the next 15 min timer ran. And the next. We finally ended up with one total hour of reading! The kids loved it and we will definitely be making it a part of our daily plan.

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bigfatmama said...

Wow. That's great that they enjoyed the reading time! Watching kids enjoy books is awesome!