Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Skylar at 16 weeks

able to roll over with her diaper on
talks with very loud squaking noises
makes very high pitched sounds
able to roll over with shirt on
holds toys that are put into her hand, but sitll can't grab things well herself consistently
still doesn't roll over much with her clothes on
reaches more, but doesn't have the best aim
loves to talk to and play with her baby gym
easily distracted while nursing
squirms so much on the floor that she turns herself in circles
still loves her bouncy seat a LOT
still dislikes the car, but is getting better
likes the multi-colored stuffed elephant with the rings quite a bit
doesn't mind getting dressed quite as much
adores Ryder and Carter
talks to everyone she meets
likes to be held by anyone, even strangers
makes a huge variety of sounds to really try to immitate talking
still sleeps through the night every night (10:30-6:00)

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