Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Skylar at 17 weeks

OK, I make these lists every week and just leave them as drafts because I'm so particular that they aren't edited or in good form. But in case you all want to read them, I'm going to publish them from now on...

able to grab and bat toys with accuracy
laughs longer now sometimes
doesn't mind getting dressed as much
able to put toys into mouth
grabs anything she gets her hands on and pulls it to her mouth
loves Sophie the giraffe
pees all the time when laying on naked mats
really likes her baby gym
legs finally long enough to sit on hip facing inward
sucks only her left thumb
sucks her thumb in car seat
will talk to and smile at anything--people, pets, toys
pulls off and stops nursing so that she can talk to me--hard to get through a meal sometimes
regularily rolls over with her clothes and diapers on
doesn't nap nearly as much anymore
rolls from her back to side (can even get her hips over onto the tummy), but can't roll all the way to her tummy yet
doesn't mind being played with a little more roughly (held in air, swung around, etc)
likes to look at the kids while riding in the car
snuggles over next to me while sleeping

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